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Learn to Trade (eBook)

Dave Tromp
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Becoming a trader is a process. Although some people have a natural ability to be successful in trading, most others do not have this.

I think everyone can learn to trade the markets.

I have spent many years studying the markets, reading books on trading, doing backtests, and trading. Finally, I am at the level where I make more money than I lose. So I feel confident I can share with you what I know on the subject.

Let this eBook begin your journey in learning how to trade. It will be a skill that will serve you for a lifetime. Trading is simple to understand but hard to master. There is a lot to learn and this eBook is intended to start your learning process.

The eBook is intended to be an easy way to read trading-related content from my website. You will be able to print the eBook or transfer it to your phone or e-reader.

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In this 150+ page eBook I will show you all you need to Learn to Trade!

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Learn to Trade (eBook)

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