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I log all my trades in a spreadsheet so I can track my progress.

By getting this product you can access My Trading Log.

Screenshot of my trading log

You will be able to see all my trade history including links to the chart before I entered the trade and after I closed the trade.

The spreadsheet also contains a chart of my P&L represented in R. (See my ebook, if you are not familiar with R).

And there is a sheet that breaks down my results by looking at things like win rate and average Reward to Risk.

You can use the spreadsheet also as a template for your own log.

If you want to learn how to trade the way I do, then also check out my eBook: Learn to Trade.

I wish you good luck trading.


This information is for educational purposes only and is not trading advice. Please see the full disclaimer here:

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Get full access to my trading log!

My Trading Log
See my complete trade history
Break down
See things like win rate, etc.
See my P&L in a chart
Use as template for your own trading log
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Get access to My Trading Log

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